OSCASA Agents represent Characters, Kids, Walk-ons, Featured Extras and Background Artistes.

“OSCASA exists to uphold the highest standards of practice and conduct in the representation and provision of supporting artistes as prescribed by legislation, on camera artistes categories and OSCASA’s members. OSCASA will represent the interests of its members, and those of the supporting artistes they represent, to the business community and the general public.”

The objectives of the Association, as laid out in their constitution, are as follows:

  • To represent, promote and defend the common interests of members to the media production industry, government bodies and the broadcast and print media to the highest ethical and professional standards.
  • To ensure that members are fully compliant with OSCASA codes of practice and relevant legislation by way of prescribed standards of membership of the Association such that those employing the services of, or having dealings with members, shall have such assurance and safeguard of professional competency, honourable
  • Dealing and financial security as to encourage them to deal preferentially with members.
  • To gather and distribute information to assist members in being fully compliant with legislation.
  • To liaise with producers and/or any such nominated representatives to ensure that members are fully aware of agreed rates of pay for artiste’s work.
  • To ensure that members are informed of issues occurring within the wider film industry which may affect them or the artistes they represent.
  • To uphold standards of representation for supporting artistes.
  • Protect the industry from unfair competition by persons or organizations whose businesses cannot be legally
    classified within the Industry.
  • All Association members prescribe to a code of Conduct which establishes professional standards for the Agents and Artistes associated with OSCASA.

OSCASA has established communication with:

  • Commercial Producers Association of South Africa ( CPASA )
  • Independent Producers Association ( IPO )
  • Association for Communication & Advertising ( ASA )
  • South African Association of Stills Producers ( SAASP )
  • Personal Managers’ Association ( PMA )
  • National Association of Model Agencies ( NAMA )
  • Media, Information and Communication Technology Sector Education  and Training Authority. ( MICT Seta )
  • Department of Labour ( DOL )
  • Department of Trade and Industry ( DTI )
  • Film Commissions in addition to recognition from the UK equivalent body NASAA.


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